Get fit!

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Summer is right around the corner. I tell myself every year I need to get fit and work out more so I feel confident walking around in a bikini or tank tops and shorts. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks of keeping up the healthy habits, I slowly end up in my old routine; snacking too much unhealthy food and not working out.

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Below I wrote down several ideas which might help you beat this problem:

– Make a work out schedule and tick off what you have done every day.

– Sign up at the gym and plan to work out on the same days every week.

– Download the Blogilates app or just go to the Blogilates website and do the workouts from Cassie Ho. She is amazing and full of positive energy! She has made workout videos focused on different body parts so you can focus your workouts on areas you would like to improve.

– Find a friend who wants to go to the gym together or who wants to regularly go for a run or work out with you.

– Don’t focus on how much you weigh, but focus on how you look. Working out burns fat, but you will gain muscle. Muscles weigh more than fat, but, also muscles take less space in your body then fat. So you might end up keeping the same weight but getting a lean and fit body instead.

– Don’t quit if you don’t see results right away, keep it up for a couple of weeks, and I am sure you will be seeing results. Each body is different!

– Make a work out playlist on your music player to motivate yourself every time you work out.

– Find a bunch of healthy recipes and make cooking them a routine.

– Find a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks you like. Eat that healthy snack whenever you feel like snacking the unhealthy snack.

– Allow yourself to have at least one day off, when you can eat what you want and have a break from working out (just make sure you don’t splurge too much 😉 ).

– Eat enough, drink enough and get enough sleep.

– Reward yourself every time you accomplish your goals.

– Keep up these good habits and enjoy them!

If you find yourself snacking and missing work outs, get yourself together and start your good habits again. Sometimes people keep postponing to start with their good habits again, but I think the only best way to make it work, is when you stop postponing and start right away! Your body deserves to be treated well and after a while you will realize you’ll start to feel better about yourself; physically, emotionally and mentally.

Good luck!


Let me know if you have any tips on how to keep up your good habits when it comes to living healthy, I am curious about the things you do to keep up a healthy lifestyle!

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